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Executives Network, International ‘ENI’ was established in 1997 - primarily created to serve reputed organizations, who expected more from their headhunters, in terms of :
  • understanding of their corporate culture;
  • faster turnaround times; and
  • quality customer service.
ENI embarked upon to delight its customers, with a mission to provide “Prompt & Personalized” service. Thru its commendable services, within just three years of its inception, ENI became a premier & a leading name in the executive search/headhunting market of Pakistan, boasting a clientele of most reputed companies like PepsiCola Intl., Citibank, Standard Chartered, Unilever, Gillette, Rechitt Benchiser, British Petroleum, Servier Pharma, and many more.

It then initiated expansion towards the Middle East & Far East markets, and now serves some of the biggest names there, like Mashreqbank (UAE), Emirates Bank (UAE), National Commercial Bank (Saudi Arabia’s largest bank), Savola Group (Saudi Arabia), etc. It handles Middle East directly but for Far East it formulated an strategic alignment with a most reputable executive search company “Bo-le’ Intl.” serving eleven(11) countries of the region, including Singapore, Malaysia & China. Thru them ENI has served companies like Philip Morris, Intl.

ENI has now completed more than a decade of efficient & effective service to its clients, and retains its premier name in the market. Over the years, it has developed a database & network of top executives & professionals in the market, with education from top institutions, with excellent grooming & communication skills and experience with the most reputable corporations. We have been following their careers, in terms of their integrity & delivery at various companies they have served, to be able to provide professionals of good references to our clients.

Today, ENI boasts a most experienced team of seven(7) consultants with three of them having more than 20+ years of experience with companies like General Electric, Chevron, Westinghouse, Gillette, Reckitt Benckiser, ICI, Engro Chemicals (formerly Exxon).

It also takes pride in having served a clientele, consisting of top multinationals & reputed companies, for the last eleven years – retaining them and adding more & more such companies to our portfolio.