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Towards Corporate Clients…
  • As part of its strict ethical standards, ENI shall never approach a candidate, once placed at the Client, for any other position, at any time after the placement.
    An individual placed by us can only approach us after serving Our Client for minimum two(2) years. We shall not approach him ourselves, ever.
  • ENI observes a strict “Hands-off” Policy: We would never call inside our Client’s organization to poach its people.
    However, if an employee of our Client approaches us on his own, who has decided to place himself on the market for better prospects, we reserve the right to entertain him.
  • ENI carries out executive search/headhunting for its Clients, as per the best international standards & practices. It endeavors to carry out proper due diligence in respect to skill fit, corporate cultural/environment fit, market reputation, integrity, reference checks etc. before referring candidates to our Client.
  • We advise our Clients on latest prevailing salary & remuneration ranges and suggest reasonable hiring premium as to create a Win-Win situation between them and the selected candidate. We shall never oversell a candidate to our Client.
  • In the event, a candidate placed at the Client resigns from his position, on his own, within ninety(90) days of employment, ENI would make available to the Client a suitable replacement at no extra cost or adjust the charges against future executive search fees.
    This shall not apply to the situation where the placed candidate is made redundant or laid-off by the Client, on its own, due to any internal restructuring or downsizing.

Towards the Applying Candidates…
  • WE OBSERVE STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY: We shall never forward your CV to our Clients or any other party, without your prior consent i.e. your CV shall not leave our offices without your concurrence.
  • To ensure confidentiality of the individuals whose CVs we have forwarded to Clients, after their due consent, we take an undertaking from our Clients, that they shall not forward these CVs to any third party whatsoever, without prior consent of ENI. ENI shall not provide this consent without receiving consent from the candidates.
  • We advise the Candidates on latest prevailing salary & remuneration ranges and suggest reasonable premium as to create a Win-Win situation between them and the Client. We shall never undersell an individual.
  • We shall try to provide the candidates with the best advise/consultancy for their career enhancement. We will never try to advise/direct them towards a position which may be detriment to their careers.